Effective January 1, 2017

General Services
Early Closure (within 3 months of opening) $25.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $21.00
Levy/Judgement Processing $35.00
Account Research/Recon (per hour, 1hr min.) $25.00
Loadable Visa Gift Card (each) $3.00
Holiday Club Early Withdrawal (each) $5.00
Returned Deposit Item (or Loan Payment) $25.00
Statement Copy (each) $5.00
Returned Mail (address locater) $5.00
Dormant Account (monthly after no activity for 12 mo) $5.00
Escheat Notification Letter (annual) $2.00
Teller Check Pay-To 3rd Party (2 free per mo.) $4.00
Stop Payment CU Teller Check (lost or stolen) $20.00
Checking Fees
FREE Checking Monthly Service Charge FREE
2nd Chance Checking Monthly Service Charge $5.00
Overdraft Protection (each)(Transfer from Share/LOC; first two(2) Free) $5.00
Box of Checks (see Catalog) Varies
Temporary Checks (12 Checks/1st set @ open/Free) $5.00
Honored Overdraft Items (each) $25.00
Non-Sufficient Fund Items (each) $25.00
Stop Payment on Check (each or range) $17.00
Photocopy of Paid Item (each) $2.00
Automated Services
ACH Non-Sufficient Fund Items (each) $25.00
Honored ACH Overdraft Items (each) $25.00
ACH Stop Payment (each) $17.00
Non CO-OP ATM $1.00
ATM/Debit Foreign Transaction 1% of Transaction
ATM/Debit Replacement Card $10.00
Rush Order ATM/Debit or Visa Card $65.00
Bill Payment Stop Payment $17.00
Bill Payment Non-Sufficient Funds $25.00

All fees and charges listed in this schedule supersede previous schedules and are subject to change at any time.
For additional account terms and conditions please ask a Member Service representative, or request a copy of our Account Agreement & Disclosure booklet.