Turn the equity in your home into cash you can use with a Home Equity Line of Credit! With the convenience you expect from Modesto’s First and the added bonus of no processing fees, it’s the perfect option for making home improvements, adding solar and energy-efficient appliances, purchasing a new vehicle, consolidating debt, or even for taking that well-earned and long-awaited vacation!


  • Borrow up to 80 percent of the equity in your property.
  • Lines from $5,000 to $315,000.
  • Stretch out your payments with a 5 year draw and a 10 year repayment period.
  • Low interest-only payment during the draw period.
  • Easy access to funds.
  • Low variable rate based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.
  • No annual fee and no pre-payment penalties.
  • Act now and Modesto’s First will waive the appraisal fee and all other processing fees.

Come by the office to pick up an application, apply online here  or give us a call at (209) 521-2020 if you have additional questions.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) has a variable-rate; your annual percentage rate (APR) may adjust every month based on the Wall Street Journal prime rate plus a margin, for the life of the line. The maximum APR that may be charged is 17.99%, minimum APR is 3.50%. During the draw period, the first five years, you may withdraw (advance) funds up to your credit line limit and pay interest accrued on that balance monthly. After the draw period ends you will no longer be able to take advances and must pay the outstanding balance over 10 years. Payment example: If you made the minimum payments (interest only) over the draw period on an advance of $10,000 at a rate of 3.50%, your monthly payment would be $29.73 ([(10,000 x 31) x 3.50%] / 365 = $29.73). We lend up to 80%in appraised home value, less first mortgage balance. Minimum loan amount is $5,000; maximum loan is $315,000 All persons on the property title are required on the loan application. All real estate loans require income verification. No manufactured or mobile homes. Rates, terms and conditions are effective 01/01/2020 and are subject to change without notice. Loans are available to properties in the state of California only. On approved credit. NMLS ID #401517.