Modesto’s First is please to announce CardNav by CO-OP!  Now the power to protect your debit card is in your hands!

Major debit card compromises seem to be a common occurrence.  If you card is compromised, you are stuck getting a new card, notifying vendors with recurring payments, and updating e-commerce sites.  CardNav is a FREE service that will make your life easier!

CardNav Lets You:

  • Turn your Debit Card on and off
  • Set a location boundary where your card can only be used (i.e., Chicago)
  • Keep the card active only around your immediate location (based on GPS services)
  • Use the card for online purchases and then turn it off after orders are placed
  • Restrict card to work only with certain types of merchants (i.e. enable grocery stores while turning off restaurants)
  • Set spend limits for card transactions, and keep spending in check
  • Get instant alerts each time card is used.
  • Click HERE for more information on how to get started today!

Download the CardNav App today from the Apple Store or Google Play.